Domaine Le Mieux   2009 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Varietal: One of the original noble grapes from Southwestern France known for its ability to age well.

This deep ruby red 100% Cabernet Sauvignon delivers

lush flavors of  Black Cherry, Plums and Currants. A smooth, full bodied wine with just enough tannins to provoke a seductive finish. Hand harvested and aged in French oak from the award-winning Bella Collina Estate Vineyard.

Harvested: September 24, 2009

Composition: Cabernet Sauvignon 

Vineyard: Bella Collina Weideman

westside of Paso Robles

Alcohol: 14.9%

Domaine Le Mieux   2009 Reserve Tempranillo

Varietal: Originating from the Ribera del Duero region of

Central Spain. Acclaimed for its full fruit  and spicy flavors.

Our Tempranillo has full, rich berry aromas, hints of currants, a gentle mid- palette  and a touch of spice at the finish.  It was hand harvested and aged in neutral oak barrels for two years.

Harvested: September 9, 2009

Composition: 100% Tempranillo

Vineyard: Bella Collina Weideman

westside of Paso Robles

Alcohol: 14.45%

Total Acidity: 6.8mg./L

Residual Sugar: .10%

pH: 3.72

Domaine Le Mieux   2010 Sparkling Viognier

Varietal: Intensely aromatic and full bodied from the Northern

Rhone region of France

A  bright golden Viognier with refreshing aromatics of Orange blossoms and Honeysuckle…Tiny bubbles provide a stimulating mouthfeel.

Hand harvested, bottle fermented and aged on the yeast for at least 2 years.

Composition: 100% Viognier 

Vineyard: Bella Collina Weideman

westside of Paso Robles

Domaine Le Mieux   2012 Viognier

Varietal: Originally from the Northern Rhone region of Francerenown for being intensely aromatic and full bodied.  Our bright gold Viognier is driven by Floral aromas of  Honeysuckle, Asian Pear & White Peach.  It is powerful on entry, smooth and fruity in the Middle, with a nicely persistent juicy finish.  Hand Harvested Fermented and aged in Stainless Steel.

Composition: 100% Viognier 

Vineyard: Bella Collina Weideman

westside of Paso Robles

Alcool: 14.7%

Total Acidity: 5.7mg./L

pH: 3.3

Residual Sugar: .6%

Domaine Le Mieux   Vin De Pomme “Heaven Sent”

Vin De Pomme is a special cuvee that celebrates Fun, Friends & Romance.  It’s about tantalizing the senses with a distinctive Sparkling wine.  Made from See Canyon apples this “Apple Champagne” has an 11.5% abv and drinks semi dry with the auroma of the Heaven Sent apple which only grows in See Canyon, Central Coast California.

  A perfect  aperitif or late night cocktail. It pairs well with  contemporary Tapas,World Cuisine, Spicy entrees and Fruity deserts.

2014 Hand Crafted

Premium Hard Cider

See Canyon Cider Company releases flagship premium craft hard cider.  Our Hand Crafted California Hard Cider is the perfect blend of apple forward sweetness with a crisp, tart and stimulating finish- just like biting into the perfect apple.  See Canyon Hard Cider is 7.5% ABV yet is smooth and stimulating.

See Canyon Cider Company uses only premium apples and juice to create extraordinary aroma, flavor, and balance.

All Natural • No Sugars Added • Gluten Free

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